Alex-Tech Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded back in 1988 as a maker of toolroom lathes. After decades of technological improvement and product expansion, it has emerged as one of Taiwan’s leading manufacturers of CNC lathes and machining centers. 
To boost production and gain market share, the company added new equipment and expanded its organizational structure in 1997. At the same time it unveiled, on an 8.700-square-meter site in central Taiwan, the first centrally air-conditioned factory in the island’s CNC machine tool industry. The factory employs advanced machinery from western countries to turn out its high-caliber lathes, including CNC five-face machining centers from SHW in Germany, vertical boring and milling machines from Yasda in Japan, and grinding machines from Sumitomo, also in Japan. 
In 1998, Mighty USA Inc. of the United States invested in Alex-Tech, significantly fostering Alex-Tech’s growth and strength. Now, Alex-Tech ships its machines globally, with the United States, Latin America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Australia as major export outlets. 
Alex-Tech’s product line encompasses a variety of lathes, from small-type precision CNC lathes to large-type precision CNC models. The machines are outfitted with rigid one-piece bodies and compatible designs that boost production efficiency while keeping costs down. 
The company owns the complete range of technology it needs to design user-friendly machines and offers a variety of operational mixes to meet different needs. Some of the products are shipped under the company’s own “Alex-Tech” or “Viper” brand; others bear customer brands. 
To boost quality and enhance innovation, the company continuously sends technicians to receive advanced training and study market needs in western countries. 


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Viper VT 10 & VT 12 
VIPER VT-12 High Precision CNC Lathe 
Built-in Fanuc 0i Mate TD Control, 
Gang Tooling 
Spindle nose A2-6, 8” 3 Jaw Chuck or 20C Collet Chuck, 5,000rpm, 52mm (2”) Bar Capacity, 11kw, Maximum Turning Length 150mm, Maximum Turning Diameter 180mm Rapidi Traverse: 15m/min. 
Viper VT 17 & VT 21 
VIPER VT-17L High Precision CNC Lathe 
Built-in Fanuc 0i Mate TD Control,  
204mm 3 Jaws Hydraulic Chuck,  
Max Turning Diameter 390mm Length 370mm, Through bar Capacity 51mm,  
Travel X-200 + 15mm, Z-470mm, 11kw, 5,000rpm, 12 Stations Turret. 
Viper VT 27 & VT 28 
VIPER VT-27G High Precision CNC 
Turning Center 
Built-in OiTD+ Manual Guide I Control, 305mm, 3 Jaws Hydraulic Chuck, Max. Turning Diameter 480mm, Length 540mm, X: 240+ 40mm, Z: 590 mm, 
Through Bar Capacity 77mm, 1~600/600~3500rpm, 27kw, 12 Stations Static Turret, and Standard Equipment. 
Viper VT 30 & VT 36 
VIPER VT-36 Range High Precision CNC Turning Centres 
Fanuc OiTD control+ Manual Guide I, 
Max Turning Diameter 630mm, 350mm 3 Jaw Chuck), Length 950mm, Through Bar Capacity 115mm, 2, 000rpm, 27kw, 
12 Stations Static Turret, 1:4 Barrufalddi Gear Box and Standard Equipment. 
Viper VT 40 & VT 50 
VIPER VT-40A x 1000 High Precision CNC Turning Centre 
Fanuc OiTD control+ Manual Guide I,  
Max Turning Diameter 860mm , Max Turning Length 950mm , 131mm Through spindle hole, Two step gear box 660/2000 rpm, 37kw, 12 Tool, 1.2 sec, Hydraulic A/T Turret, Motor driving Tailstock, Link Type Chip Conveyor, Coolant System, Air condition type Heat Exchanger. 
Viper VT - 70 
Fanuc OiTD control+ Manual Guide I 
Spindle nose A2-15 (Two step gear 300/750 rpm (only depend on chuck size), Maximum Turning Diameter 990mm, Maximum Turning Length 900mm (35.4”), 265mm, Hole spindle, 37kw, 12 Tool, 1.2sec, Hydraulic A/T Turret, X:16m/min, Z:15m/min, Programmable Tailstock, Coolant System, Air condition type Heat Exchanger, Link Type Chip Conveyor. 
Viper VT2300 & VT 2800 
VIPER VT 2300 YMS CNC Turning Centre 
Spindle nose A2-8 (Y: ±60mm, 250mm 3 Jaw Chuck or Collect Chuck, 4,000rpm, Maximum Turning Diameter 300mm, Maximum Turning Length 545mm, 65mm Bar Capacity, 15kw, 12 Tool VDI 40 Turret, Ring Encoder with C₁-axis on Main Spindle, One PC of Axial Live Tool Holder and One PC of Radial Live Tool Holder With 90 Degree, X/Y 708ipm, Z: 945ipm, Programmable Tailstock, Coolant System, Heat Exchanger, Link Type Chip Conveyor. 
Viper VTL16 & VTL 20 
Viper VTL CNC Vertical Turning Lathes 
Designed for heavy duty turning of large parts that require high rigidity and stability. With the optional milling function feature the VTL is well suited for the aerospace, oil and power generation sectors. 
45kw Motor - Table Load of 20,000kg 
228mm square Ram in High Grade Steel. 
15kw Milling Spindle 
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